PRIDE in the workplace

PRIDE flag with scrabble tiles which spell out Love is Love

by Sophie-May Cooper, Intern HR Consultant say “June is Pride month and a time for everyone to embrace who they are and let the world know – in style!” [1] And here at Grounded HR we agree. It is important that all staff feel like they can be themselves at work and feel comfortable…

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Your Guide to Successful Recruitment

by Julia Beeby, Lead HR Consultant Start with your values When looking to recruit new members to your team, it’s important that you find someone who will fit in well with your culture, so you continue to work in line with your vision and deliver the same aspirations. Value based recruitment works on the principle of…

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Welcome to the Right Side – Dyslexia and Inclusivity

Image of the word dyslexia in scarbble tiles with the E showoing backwards. Below it is a illustration of a brain in blue

by Julia Beeby, Lead HR Consultant How many Neurodivergents do you know or have in your team? Have you ever even thought about it or even familiar with the term? The term Neurodiversity refers to a variation of cognitive functioning in people. This cognitive functioning is not considered “typical” and encompasses a number of neurological…

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Performance Management: Top 5 Tips to a Successful Informal Conversation

Posted by Caroline Chapman on 20th July 2020 Have you ever worried about needing to speak to a staff member about their poor performance or their bad behaviour? Have you ever wondered if you were doing it ‘right’? Speaking to a staff member about poor performance or bad behaviour can feel uncomfortable. It’s the main…

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Top 5 Tips to make Redundancies a Positive Transition

Posted by Caroline Chapman on 3rd July 2020 As COVID 19 is continuing to have a significant effect on the economy and businesses are changing their working practices, some redundancies are going to be inevitable. What it can feel like to be made redundantRedundancies don’t have to be a negative experience. I want to share…

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