Caroline - Grounded Human Resources

Do you have a photocopier or washing machine, that you pay premium call out rates, parts and labour for when it breaks down? Or do you have it on a maintenance contract? With a contract you know you get priority booking on repairs, with no call out fee. You may also get discounted parts and labour. It just makes sense to have an expensive piece of equipment on a maintenance or service contract……… We can offer you the same service for your HR needs.

For an affordable, fixed monthly fee we can provide HR advice and support via telephone or email, an annual review of your Grounded HR employment contracts and employee handbook, ensuring that they remain up to date with Employment Law and in line with best practice.

In addition, if you need us for anything more ‘meaty’ we will guarantee that we will be available and you will also get discounted rates on any other HR projects you might need us for. Membership starts at as little of £35 per month for 12 months, depending on your business size.