Employee Handbooks

HR Services - employee handbook

If you are taking on your first employee or if only employ a small number of people we offer a basic Employee Handbook service for £350.  You will receive a personalised and branded Employee Handbook containing the essential HR Policies and Privacy Notices, ensuring you are legally compliant and compliant with ACAS’s guidelines.

We also offer a bespoke Employee Handbook service for larger businesses, which includes a more diverse range of HR policies.  Following an initial free consultation, we will discuss and agree the contents of your Employee Handbook.  We will then provide you with a bespoke and branded Handbook for a fixed fee.

Contracts of Employment

HR Services - contract of employment

Whether you need your current Employment Contract’s reviewing or you need a new one drafting.  We offer a £150 Employment Contract service; we can review your existing contract and/ or draft you a new contract.  This will be a personalised and branded template for you to use, fully up to date with current employment law and best practice.


HR Services - recruitment

At Grounded HR we are specialists in dealing with people issues.  We can advise and support you with any employee issue; whether you need support with a disciplinary matter or an employee grievance.  Or if you have someone who is always off sick.  You might just have someone who isn’t the right fit for your business or you could be faced with having to make redundancies.  We offer a free initial consultation where we offer our initial advice and we will then agree an action plan of how we can support you going forward.

People Issues; disciplinaries, poor performance, grievances, sickness, redundancy

HR Services - redundancy

From taking on your first employee, or if you are wanting to expand we can advise you every step of the way, to ensure you recruit the right people for your business.  We can draft your advert and advise you on where to place it and create your job description and interview documentation.  We can also send out your offer of employment, gain references, facilitate medical clearance and apply for a DBS check (if necessary) and send out the Employment Contract.  We can support you as much or as little as you need.  Following an initial free consultation, we will discuss your requirements.  We will then provide you with a bespoke recruitment support package.

Pay and Salary Structures

HR Services - pay and salary

Has your business grown quickly?  Have you recruited people without a pay structure in place?

We can draft your job descriptions, so all your people are clear about the work they do for you and we can also help you implement a fair pay structure.   At Grounded HR we use a 10 factor, points based, analytical job evaluation system to compare jobs, to ensure a fair and defensible pay structure.

Independent Investigations

HR Services - investigations

As a business owner we understand how it can be difficult to follow the ACAS guidelines for an investigation to “be fair and objective”, as often you are closely involved with the situation.  We also understand how time consuming thorough investigations can be.  We can conduct investigations for you, ensuring that the investigation remains compliant with the ACAS guidelines and that you remain focused on your business.  Following an initial free consultation we can discuss and agree an action plan going forward.